Steven Dishman: Arkansas inmate recaptured 32 years after escape

Arkansas authorites said Sunday that they had apprehended an inmate who had been on the run for more than three decades. 

Steven Dishman, 60, was arrested at a home in Springdale, in the northwestern part of the state. 

Dishman escaped from the Cummins unit in rural Lincoln County on May 28, 1985 while serving a 7-year sentence for theft of property and burglary convictions in Washington County. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, citing corrections department records, reported that Dishman was sentenced in December 1984 and would have been eligible for parole in December 1987. 

Dishman was apprehended by local law enforcement and state troopers. Details of what led authorities to Dishman were not immediately released.

A corrections department spokesperson told Fox 16 that Dishman will be required to serve the remainder of his sentence. Prosectors will decide whether to take further action against him for the escape. 

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