Kayaker found alive a day and a half after issuing mayday

A Maine kayaker found by the U.S. Coast Guard shortly after a search for him was suspended says a wave knocked him out of his vessel and he eventually was able to swim to land after issuing a "mayday" call on his radio.

The Coast Guard said Thursday that Adrian Cerezo was wearing a winter wetsuit and a life jacket, which helped him survive the 49-degree water off Maine. He wasn't hurt.

The Coast Guard initially said it had exhausted all search possibilities and suspended the search Thursday morning. The service says Cerezo sent a broadcast three times Wednesday morning.

Cerezo initially was on Petit Manan, a wildlife refuge. He swam to Bois Bubert Island and returned to Petit Manan.

A 450-square-mile (1166-squqare-kilometer) area was searched for more than 18 hours.