Tennessee school bus driver indicted in deaths of 6 children

Johnthony Walker.

Johnthony Walker.  (Chattanooga Police Dept. via AP, File)

A former Chattanooga, Tenn., school bus driver has been indicted on six counts of vehicular manslaughter in the November crash that killed six children and injured several others.

Johnthony Walker was responsible for driving 37 elementary students from Woodmore Elementary School on Nov. 21. Witnesses state he was speeding down a narrow winding road, going at least 20 miles over the posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour.


Walker lost control of the bus, striking an elevated driveway, a mailbox, telephone pole and a tree.

In addition to the vehicular manslaughter charges, Walker faces four counts of reckless aggravated assault, one count of reckless driving, one count of use of a portable device by a bus driver and one count of reckless endangerment, according to the Hamilton Criminal County Clerk’s Office court documents.

When questioned about the electronic device, police told Fox News they could not go into any particulars of the case due to judicial restraints. 

Attorneys for the driver wants to freeze all civil litigation against him and his employer, The Times Free Press reported. A dozen lawsuits have been filed in connection with the crash.   

Walker is currently being held at Hamilton County Jail and is scheduled for arraignment on March 24 before a Criminal Court judge.

Terace Garnier is a Fox News multimedia reporter based in Columbia, South Carolina. Follow her on twitter: @TeraceGarnier