New Jersey mayor helps save life before crews put out house fire

NJ House Fire

 (FOX 29)

The mayor of Paulsboro was on his way to Trenton for Gov. Chris Christie’s state of the state address and some meetings. Instead, Gary Stevenson ended up helping save a life during a fire that destroyed a house.

SKYFOX was over the scene on the 100 block of W. Broad Street, at about 9:30am Tuesday.

Mayor Stevenson -- who was fire chief for 12 years -- told FOX 29 News he saw white smoke and it started getting blacker, and he noticed flames as he got closer.

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The mayor said he stopped at the house and the doors were locked so he started banging.

That’s when someone came up and said he thought a girl may be inside, but apparently his banging woke her up.

Stevenson was able to get her out. Then, he and a few other people checked to make sure nobody else was inside before the place became engulfed.

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