Reports: Boy said 'Get off me, I can't breathe' before death

State violation reports say three staffers at a private school for children with special needs in Philadelphia restrained and punched a 17-year-old student, who eventually died, after he was suspected of stealing an iPod and became aggressive.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, ( ) the state Department of Human Services reports say witnesses heard the teen being hit at Wordsworth Academy Oct. 13. The reports allege the teen said "Get off me. I can't breathe."

The boy, who hasn't been identified, died shortly thereafter.

The reports also say some staffers were improperly trained in restraining children.

The school ceased operations at its residential treatment program earlier this week following a state order. The program serves youths who have emotional, behavioral or academic issues.

The academy says it's devastated by the allegations.


Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer,