Indiana woman claims ex-boyfriend tried to rip out her tongue

Carleigh Hager, left, and Ryan Cameron.

Carleigh Hager, left, and Ryan Cameron.  (Fox 59/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Dept.)

Carleigh Hager, 25, is telling her story of survival after she says her now ex-boyfriend brutally attacked her inside their Indianapolis home. FOX59 talked to Carleigh inside her hospital room where she's recovering from one of the darkest nights of her life.

“And he tried to rip my tongue out with his bare fingers from here all the way up to here and he succeeded, half way. He got the right side halfway. He got it halfway ripped out,” Carleigh said.

Talking through the pain of having her tongue reconstructed and bruises and bite marks all over her body, Carleigh recalled the traumatizing episode with her mother by her side. She says she and her now ex-boyfriend Ryan Cameron, 26, returned home from a wedding Saturday night with some friends. After launching a verbal assault things got physical.

“He locked our friends outside of our house and ran to the bathroom and locked us in the bathroom,” Carleigh said.

That's where she says he beat her until she passed out. She tells us Ryan locked the group of friends out of the home during the attack. Those friends called police, a move The Julian Center CEO, Catherine O'Connor says may have saved Carleigh's life.

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