Florida cops nab woman suspected of lighting wrong person's car on fire

A jilted teen suspected of being the woman in a viral video engaging in an ill-fated attempt to set her ex-beau’s car on fire was arrested by Florida police on Saturday, The Washington Post reported.

A security camera caught Carmen Chamblee, 19, trying to set her ex-boyfriend’s car ablaze, officials said. She’s been charged with second-degree arson.

The problem, however, was that it turned out the car didn’t belong to her former lover.

The incident occurred on Aug. 28 and video of the arson spread like wildfire around the Internet.

Chamblee allegedly told Clearwater police she believed the car belong to her ex-boyfriend, not Thomas Jennings, the car’s actual owner. Jennings’ roommate saw the vehicle in flames.

“He came running in the house saying my car was on fire,” Jennings told WFTS. “We ran out there. He had a pot of water trying to get it to go out. It was too much.”

It’s unclear if Jennings and Chamblee had had any prior contact or why she believed that car to be her ex’s.