In 'Scopes monkey trial' home, an evolution debate rages on

In 1925, two of America's most renowned figures faced off in the southeast Tennessee town of Dayton to debate a burning issue — whether man evolved over millions of years from simpler life forms or was created by God in his present form.

Today only one of the two is commemorated with a statue at the courthouse — Christian orator William Jennings Bryan. But that's something a group of atheists hopes to change.

The American Humanist Association is raising funds to place a statue of trial lawyer and skeptic Clarence Darrow opposite Bryan. While some residents say adding Darrow is only fair, others are opposed to the idea.

Sculptor Zenos Frudakis (ZEN'-ohs frew-DAH'-kis) says Darrow will complete the historical drama and will be something the town can be proud of.