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'I'm on your side': Wisconsin boys thank police officers with crosses, bracelets

Michael McAllister and Marcelino McKinney.

Michael McAllister and Marcelino McKinney.  (Fox 6)

Two boys in Racine, Wisconsin are saying "thank you" to police officers and sheriff's deputies in a unique way.

"The world's going crazy -- and the police need something to save their lives," Marcelino McKinney said.

Eight-year-old McKinney and his brother, 11-year-old Michael McAllister, said they're heartbroken by recent attacks against police officers across the country.

"You hear on TV all these people killing the cops, you want to tell them that you're on their side," McAllister said.

Since the attack in Dallas that took the lives of five officers on July 7th, the brothers have reached out to nearly 70 police officers, deputies and firefighters -- offering them gifts of thanks.

"I said 'keep this in your pocket so you can be safe,'" McKinney said.

McKinney hands out crosses -- some wooden and some plastic to let officers know someone cares. McAllister has spent countless hours making black and blue bracelets.

"When you keep this on your wrist, you just remember that I'm on your side," McAllister said.

The brothers have made a big impact on law enforcement officials -- who have posed for pictures with the boys.

Racine Police Sgt. Walter Powell stopped by their home on Wednesday, July 20th to say thank you.

"I carry this notepad around with me everywhere I go -- so I`ll always have this with me," Powell said.

The boys also got Racine Police Department badges and flashlights.

"What you are doing is worth more than the cross and the wristband to us," Powell said.

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