Airbnb Is Meeting With Civil Rights Leaders to Combat Discrimination -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

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Going public. Twilio, a company that faciliates cross-application messaging, raised $150 million in the first U.S. venture-backed tech IPO of 2016.

Equal treatment. Airbnb is meeting with civil rights leaders in Washington, D.C., today to help fight discrimination among users of the service.

Anticipation. Amazon is planning to host another Prime Day this summer, but the company hasn't specified a date for the sales event.

Locked up. Microsoft has announced a new data protection service for businesses.

Home sweet home. McDonald’s is finally unveiling the plans for its new Chicago headquarters.

A new crunch. Burger King has added a new item to its menu at select Southern California locations: Mac n' Cheetos.

Power up. KFC is packaging its takeout orders in "Watt A Box" phone chargers, available in Delhi and Mumbai, India.

Thirst-quenching. Coca-Cola now has a minority stake in Aloe Gloe, an organic aloe-water company.