A man who claimed he was in an Orlando nightclub when it was attacked by an ISIS-inspired terrorist is having his story questioned after he said his memory of the slaughter had been erased by “anxiety” and a Facebook posting appeared to show he wasn’t at the gay nightclub Pulse.

Clint Lampkin initially spoke at a memorial service, telling those gathered “I was in the bar when it all happened,” WHNT reported.

But when a reporter asked Lampkin about his experiences during the June 12 massacre, Lampkin balked.

“I have really bad anxiety attacks,” he said. “So I just kinda, I don’t know, my mind is just gone.”

Lampkin said he had a friend who died in the attack, but when pressed by WHNT, he said he couldn’t remember the name of the person because they had only known each other for a short time.

A Facebook post on Lampkin’s wall from the morning of June 12, screenshotted by a friend and sent to WHNT, linked to a story on the shooting. Above the link, Lampkin allegedly wrote, “Glad I wasn’t at that one.”

Lampkin told WHNT his Facebook account had been hacked and he didn't make the post.

The gunman killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others, investigators said.