10 Tech Companies to Watch - Entrepreneur's Brilliant 100

Our brilliant tech companies do everything from making us smarter to protecting our families and recharging our phones.

1. Looklive’s specialized technology identifies where you can purchase the exact items of clothing worn by your favorite characters and stars.

2. Technology Will Save Us creates DIY kits to boost tech literacy in kids -- and get them ready for the jobs of the future.

3. Ubeam releases its first product this year -- a transmitter to automatically recharge smartphones -- but its long-term plan is to power the Internet of Things.

4. Detroit-based Identilock aims to curtail the thousands of accidental shootings that happen annually in the U.S. Its biometric clasp allows a gun’s trigger to release only when matched with the owner’s fingerprint.

5. Paribus tracks your online purchases via your emailed receipts -- and if the price on a recently purchased item changes, it follows stores’ policies to file for a price adjustment.

6. Identified Technologies uses drones for mapping and site monitoring, serving clients in construction and energy. It immediately uploads its data to the cloud for customer analysis.

7. Fetch Robotics, which recently completed a $20 million round of Series A funding, uses two robots (named Fetch and Freight) to streamline warehouse operations, accelerating pulls and shipping.

8. Knewton’s adaptive learning platform is free to teachers, students and parents, and tracks students’ learning to deliver programs based on their personal progress.

9. Augmented and virtual reality startup Magic Leap has raised nearly $1.42 billion for its highly anticipated technology: glasses that seamlessly blend computer-generated images with the real world.

10. Jukedeck s artificial intelligence technology can compose custom, affordable, royalty-free music soundtracks for video and podcast projects.

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