High School

Illinois student nears 12 years of perfect attendance

Steven Hanus.

Steven Hanus.  (Fox 32)

Call him the anti-Ferris Bueller.

A high school senior, also from the Chicago area, is just a few weeks away from graduating with perfect attendance, Fox 32 reports. In fact, it seems he hasn't missed a day of school in 12 years.

”A number one priority is to get to school, because if you're not at school, how are you going to learn, and how are you going to excel in your classes?” Steven Hanus said.

It runs in the family. His older brothers Tommy and Jimmy also made it from grades 1-12 without ever taking a sick day or letting vacations interrupt schoolwork. 

Bloom Trail High School in Chicago Heights honored Steven for his effort. He's set to graduate on May 22.

His parents helped him along. His father told the news station he encouraged his sons to keep their streaks going. Their mother said she even squirted water on their faces to wake them up some mornings.

"I'd rather him be at school. And learning what he needs to learn,” Patti Hanus said.

The hit 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" followed a high school student who did the opposite, concocting an elaborate plot to play hooky before his graduation. 

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