Teen dies, another injured after being tossed from ride at Texas carnival

At least one girl died and another was injured after they were tossed from a ride at a Texas carnival Friday night, police said.

El Paso Catholic Diocese spokeswoman Elizabeth O’Hara said the teenage girl who died was ejected from The Sizzler ride and hit a metal barricade. The injured teen was taken to University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, according to KFOX-TV.

A third ten who was in the ride was not injured, El Paso police said.

The accident took place at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church as it was having its Dia De Los Ninos Fiesta in east El Paso.

The father of the girl who was uninjured in the incident told KFOX-TV that the girls go to J.M. Hanks High School and that the three girls were the only ones on the ride. He said his daughter didn’t fall off the ride because she hooked her hands to the metal handle bars and held on.

The Sizzler is a type of carnival ride that spins people around at a center point and also spins the riders in their seats.

Playtime Amusements Inc. is in charge of the rides and police said the carnivals are regulated by state statutes.

"There's inspections that are required, whether or not this vendor has been up to par with that hasn't been determined. That'll be revealed in the investigation," El Paso police spokesman Sgt. Enrique Carillo told the station.

Authorities are still investigating the accident.

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