Fake $20 bills in motel trash lead to Texas couple's arrest

A couple from Bryan are jailed on four counts of forgery of government money and other charges after authorities say the pair left sheets of counterfeit $20 bills in a trash can at a College Station motel.

College Station police said a Wal-Mart receipt found in the can was used to link the couple to security tape from the store and lead to the arrests of 39-year-old Robert Casselman and 35-year-old Heather Patterson.

The Eagle of Bryan-College Station reported police found nearly $1,000 in phony bills in Patterson's car. Patterson told officers Casselman likely used the fake money to buy items at Waco Wal-Mart stores, then returned the goods to a Bryan store to get real cash refunds.

Patterson is held on $39,000 bond, Casselman on nearly $35,000 bond.