Nebraska student who left sorority over 'risque' photo says it was harmless

A student who claimed she was kicked out of her University of Nebraska Omama sorority over a Tinder photo deemed "risque" said Wednesday she can't tell what could be so offensive about it.

“I see happiness. A bid day for a sorority girl is like Christmas,” Shannon Workman told ABC News.

The photo posted to the app shows Workman smiling with two sorority sisters, each wearing a Chi Omega tank top. The student claims her sorority gave her the shirt.

Workman told WOWT she posted the photo last summer. She claimed that when sorority leaders asked her to take it down, she did. But by the end of a meeting on Sunday, she was out.

Workman claimed she'd recorded the meeting on her phone. Executives said the photo violated the sorority's "human dignity rule." At one point, an advisor is heard saying, "What you believe in doesn't align with what we believe in."

The sorority denies it forced her out. "Shannon opted to voluntarily resign her membership," Chi Omega's national chapter told ABC News.

Workman says many of her former sorority sisters are supporting her. "I'm hoping to get the word out there just to spread the word and hope girls stand up for themselves for whatever they believe in."