Turnpike employee, worker, suspect killed in robbery attempt

Authorities say a turnpike employee and another worker were shot and killed in a robbery attempt on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The suspect in the shooting was also killed.

State police said the shooting occurred around 7 a.m. Sunday at the Fort Littleton Interchange in Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania, about 65 miles west of Harrisburg.

Police said a turnpike employee and another contracted worker were shot and killed. Officials said troopers were on the scene "in minutes" and killed the suspect in an exchange of gunfire.

Turnpike chairman Sean Logan said commissioners and other officials were "deeply saddened by this horrific tragedy."

Names of the deceased weren't immediately released. Coroner Berley Souders said his office was waiting for a state police forensic team.

Officials said more information would be released later Sunday.