GOP and Dem Candidates Fight It Out for Nomination

Next week Arizona, Utah and Democratic voters in Idaho head to the polls for the next round of elections.


Later today, both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are holding events in Arizona. John Kasich is campaigning in Utah.


Senator Sanders holds a rally this afternoon in Idaho Falls.


1330EDT -- Sen Sanders holds a rally. Skyline High School, Idaho Falls, ID. LIVE via LiveU


Sanders was interviewed by Rachel Maddow last night. He argues that he still has a “path toward victory” despite losing all five states that voted Tuesday.


Last night, it was announced that Hillary Clinton did indeed win the close race in Missouri. That means she swept all of Tuesday’s primaries Illinois, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Missouri.


Most analysts believe Sanders will not be able to make up the delegate deficit he’s facing.


Hillary Clinton’s allies including George Soros are launching a massive effort against Donald Trump ahead of a potential Hillary versus Trump contest.


Clinton is fundraising today in Connecticut and Virginia.


Howard Kurtz argues in a new column that Hillary Clinton isn’t winning over many pundits.. even on the left. He argues Donald Trump may make her establishment bona fides a political flaw.


President Obama is set to play a major role in the campaign. The New York Times reported yesterday the President told voters it was time to get behind Hillary Clinton though the White House pushed back against the Times’ characterization. He’s expecting to hit the campaign trail in a big way this Summer and Fall.


Kimberly Strassel has a column in today’s Wall Street Journal on Kasich’s challenges to the nomination.


Peggy Noonan on the GOP “Will the GOP Break Apart or Evolve?”


Senator Lindsey Graham has reluctantly thrown his support to Ted Cruz calling him best alternative to Trump.  


Yesterday stocks turned positive for the year.. as oil went above $40 a barrel.


The Feds have launched a massive investigation of New York City’s public housing authority.


North Korea has fired a ballistic missile as part of its aggressive testing for nuclear capabilities. It’s developing re-entry rocket systems to make a deliverable nuclear weapon. The U.S. imposed new sanctions on the dictatorship yesterday.


Amazing new pictures of the tiny dwarf planet of Pluto.


Closing arguments in the Hulk Hogan case today.


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