Odd News

Bag of money falls from armored truck on New Jersey highway

 (REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

A bag of money fell out of an armored vehicle and was then struck by a truck, sending bills flying all over the road on Route 46 in New Jersey on St. Patrick’s Day.

“The door opened, the money flew out, and I believe the word was ‘poof,’ the money was all over the roadway,” Wayne Police Chief James Clarke told CBS New York.

Police said westbound traffic came to a halt and people were exiting their vehicles to grab the cash and return it; however, some might have pocketed some of the bills.

“They could be charged with theft,” Clarke said.

The sea of green bills on the highway made Paul Redmon stop and look on his walk to work.

“I said, I’m looking for a rainbow here, ‘cause this is amazing,” Redmon told CBS New York. It's not clear exactly how much money fell out of the car.

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