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Judge wins $291 million Powerball jackpot, while his brother pockets $7

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 (Florida Lottery)

This could lead to a pretty severe case of sibling rivalry.

A judge stepped forward as the big winner of a $291 million Powerball jackpot Friday, while his brother scored $7 in the same drawing.

Fortunately for Bob Stocklas, the Florida Lottery printed out an oversized check for him, too, in the amount of seven dollars and zero cents.

It's not clear how he plans to spend his big prize. His brother, James, a judge from eastern Pennsylvania, bought his jackpot-winning ticket while on vacation.

The judge tells The Morning Call of Allentown he returned to Pennsylvania and didn't check the ticket until Friday morning, while eating at a diner. He said he began shaking when he realized he'd won, and bought everyone breakfast.

The judge purchased the lottery ticket with two other people. They immediately flew to Florida in a private jet to claim their winnings. They'll each get about $40 million after taxes.

James Stocklas retired as a judge several years ago, but he continues filling in. He says he'll return to the bench next month.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.