Couple sentenced for arranging religious divorce by force

A southern New Jersey couple have been sentenced for their roles in a scheme to force a Jewish man to grant his wife a religious divorce.

Federal prosecutors say 53-year-old Lakewood resident David Wax received a seven-year prison term on Tuesday. His 51-year-old wife, Judy Wax, received two years of probation.

David Wax had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping. His wife had pleaded guilty to hiding her knowledge of a felony.

Prosecutors say Davis Wax was paid $100,000 by the victim's wife. In exchange, he and a group of conspirators lured the man from Brooklyn to Wax's home under false pretenses in 2010. They then bound, blindfolded, handcuffed and assaulted the man until he agreed to give a divorce document known as a get.

Wax's conspirators received approximately $50,000.