Brussels remains locked down today. 21 people were detained in Belgium in raids over the weekend. Hundreds of troops patrolling the city which is the E-U capital and houses important headquarters including for NATO. The normally bustling city was quiet, it’s metro shut down, and the terror alert level raised to its highest level with officials saying a terror attack could be imminent. Officials apparently worried a Paris-style attack was likely. Some NATO officials are working from home today. There were 19 raids in the Brussels region and another 3 in the southern town of Chaleroi.

Several of the suspects in the Paris attacks came from Belgium. British Prime Minister David Cameron is in Paris today, and says he will ask the UK Parliament for permission to join airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Cameron and French President Francois Hollande visited the Bataclan concert venue which is where many of the 130 killed in the attacks died.

The manhunt continues for one of the suspected attackers. Salah Abdeslam.

And the debate over accepting Islamic refugees is intensifying.

The Washington Post today writing, “The possibility that one or more of the Paris attackers may have arrived among the waves of refugees from the Middle East has intensified debate in the United States as well as Europe over their welcome in the West.”

Vladimir Putin is meeting today with Iran in Tehran to discuss Syria.

An Islamic terror group says two gunmen carried out the attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali that left 19 dead. Both were Al Qaeda and were killed in the attack on the Western hotel. One American died.

Lots of political news today. Marco Rubio holding a town hall in Iowa at 9:30am. Carly Fiorina holds a briefing at 10am in Iowa. Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have events at 1pm.

Pfizer and Allergan agreed to a $150 billion deal that would form the world’s largest drug maker.

A Conservative has won Argentina’s presidency effectively ending more than a decade of rule by the Kirchner family and the Peronist movement.