A Texas driver says he wound up in handcuffs after he told a police officer during a routine traffic stop that he was legally carrying a concealed weapon.

Alonzo Gonzalez told KPRC-TV this week that he was pulled over by a police officer in Rosenberg, Tex. for failing to signal a turn. He said he ended up getting arrested for traffic violations after the officer asked if he had his handgun with him and he replied, “I sure do.”

“Just because I have a handgun on me which, you know, I have a license to carry, it shouldn't be a big deal, but that's what made it the turning point,” Gonzalez told the station.

KPRC reported the police dash cam video captured the August 2014 traffic stop. The video was just turned over to Gonzalez.

The station reported that after the officer's initial conversation with Gonzalez, he called for backup.

On the video the officer can be seen returning to Gonzalez's truck with the backup who has his gun drawn.

“Mr. Gonzalez, get your hands up on the wheel, both of them,” the officer then says on the video. “Appreciate it. Here’s what I want you do. I want you to step out of the truck for me. When you do so I want you to keep your hands on the back of your head, Okay?"

Seconds later, Gonzalez is seen getting out of the truck. He is handcuffed and told that he is being arrested "for traffic violations.”

"If I didn't have my firearm on me, I would have had a citation and they would have let me go," Gonzalez said.

Rosenberg Police Lt. William Henry told the station Thursday that the department does not target people with handgun licenses.

“We don’t target gun owners in general,” he said. “Any responsible gun owner…we’re not out targeting people like that. As far as what the officer perceived, the officer perceived a threat.”

The station reported that an internal investigation concluded the officer who pulled Gonzalez over followed all proper procedures.

It also reported that the officer had resigned and was no longer on the force.