Prosecutor: Former lottery security official in Iowa fixed 2011 Oklahoma Hot Lotto game

A former lottery security officer in Iowa convicted of rigging a Hot Lotto game to win a $14 million jackpot also allegedly fixed a lottery game in Oklahoma in 2011.

Iowa Assistant Attorney General Rob Sand mentioned the Oklahoma allegation during a hearing Wednesday.

It's the fourth lottery game Eddie Tipton is alleged to have fixed.

Tipton was convicted in July of fraud for a 2010 Iowa Hot Lotto game. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but is appealing.

Last month, Iowa prosecutors filed new criminal conduct and money laundering charges. They said Tipton's brother and friend won lottery jackpots in Colorado and Wisconsin. On Thursday, Sand briefly discussed the Oklahoma drawing during a court hearing on those charges.

Tipton's attorney says he'll continue to fight the charges.