Trump v Carson; Hillary v Sanders

Lots of politics news today.

John Roberts and Carl Cameron are previewing the FBN/WSJ debate tomorrow in Milwaukee.

Hillary Clinton heading back to New Hampshire to officially file to run for the White House there. (12:30). She’s been rising in the polls, but Sanders is giving her a run for her money in New Hampshire.

Did Sanders really mean to let Clinton off the hook for the email controversy? No according to recent press reports. Sanders appears ready to make it an issue once more.

The New York Times today reporting on several GOP candidates who are putting all their chips on New Hampshire. Hoping the early primary there will give flagging campaigns a boost. Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Chris Christie have spent much time there, while front-runners Trump and Carson have spent little time in the Granite state.

Ben Carson has been very aggressive with an increasingly skeptical press in the recent days. As we reported Friday, there are growing doubts about some of the key points of his biography. Carson says the media is lying, and treating him unfairly.

Carson and Trump taking jabs at each other over the weekend as the battle to be front-runner.

Trump got some not so great reviews for his performance on Saturday Night Live, but the show had the best ratings in 4 years.

The first of three teams of Russian inspectors have arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh to examine airport security as it becomes increasingly likely the Metrojet plane that crashed there last week was taken down by a bomb placed onboard by terrorists. 224 people died.

For the first time in more than a year, President Obama set to meet face to face with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu at the White House. Tensions between the two have been extraordinarily tense over the Iran nuclear deal.

New worries over the health of the global economy today. The Organization for Economic Cooperation calls recent trade figures “deeply concerning” as they may point to a worldwide recession. The U.S. economy appears to be chugging along nicely with the unemployment rate dropping to 5% last month.

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