Tough night for Democrats last night in several key elections.

In Kentucky, Matt Bevin won the statehouse. He’s only the 2nd Republican in four decades to be a governor there. Ohio rejected a measure to legalize marijuana. In Virginia, Democrat Terry McAuliffe lost his battle to have Democrats control the state Senate. The Republicans will control both houses of the Virginia statehouse. In Houston, an anti-discrimination measure failed. And in San Francisco, a crackdown on Airbnb failed to pass.  

Today is the deadline for filing in New Hampshire to run for President. Lots of candidates are there today and holding campaign events including Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Martin O’Malley.

There are new Quinnipiac polls out today. There’s good news for Carson and Trump. Carson gets 23%, Trump gets 24%. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz rising. Rubio gets 14%, and Cruz gets 13%. Not such great news for Jeb Bush who has dropped to 4%.

On the Dem side, Clinton gets 53% to Bernie Sanders’ 35%. But the news isn’t great for Clinton in head to head matchups where Clinton loses to Carson, Rubio, Cruz and even Chris Christie. She does beat Trump.  

New Fox polls come out at 6pm tonight.

Donald Trump was on CNN today complaining about his treatment in the press. He also took more shots at Carson and Rubio. He describes Carson as having no chance and Rubio as being overrated.

China has been using up to 17% more coal than reported.. a huge blow to efforts to control the rise of carbon dioxide. The New York Times reports the amount is greater than all of Germany’s emissions!

Volkswagen shares are falling again today after the company revealed it under-reported the carbon dioxide emissions from another 800,000 cars. Up to 11 million of its vehicles had software installed design to fool regulators and drastically under-reported emissions. U.S. officials say now that more cars including Audi and Porsche brand are also implicated.

The investigation into the crash of that Russian jet in the Sinai desert continues today.. it remains unclear just what happened, but the black boxes are being analyzed now.

Another plane crash of a Russian jet. A Soviet-era plane crashed in South Sudan killing at least 25 people. It’s reported it was overloaded.

It was 36 years ago today that the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was seized and Americans taken hostage. Iranians burned U.S. flags and chanted anti-U.S. slogans at an annual state-sanctioned rally.