Steve Harvey Talks Drug Use: 'God Doesn't Need Help to Enhance' Gifts

'Family Feud' host Steve Harvey unveils new celebrity edition, says he'll sleep when he's dead


Steve Harvey does not do drugs or get drunk because he believes God's gifts are diminished when people alter their state of mind.

"The reason I don't drink and indulge in dope is because my gift is tied squarely to my mental alertness and sharpness," the comedian and talk show host said in a video that appears on his YouTube channel. "I don't care who you are, really, none of our gifts are tied to changing and altering our mental state."

Harvey, the 58-year-old host of "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" radio program, "The Steve Harvey" talk show, and "Family Feud" believes people are deceiving themselves when they think that smoking marijuana enhances creativity.

"No, when you're smoking you told yourself you get more creative. You had that gift before you started smoking weed," Harvey said in the video titled "Why I've Never Done Drugs," before insisting that he is not condemning anyone. "You can convince yourself of anything. But name one gift that you have that is enhanced by altering your mental state."

Harvey says he has never been high and only drinks socially without getting drunk. Although he smokes cigars, the entertainer and author said God's gifts do not require a mind-altering substance.

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