Biden watch 2016.

We’re waiting for hard news on the possible entry of Vice President Joe Biden into the race for the White House. Our own Ed Henry says his sources say the VP will get into the race though the announcement could still be days away. The VP is polling third behind Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but would shake up the race on the Democratic side.

Biden has several events today.. beginning at 9:15 am with a ceremony to honor former VP (and presidential candidate) Walter Mondale.

New polls out today form the Wall Street Journal and NBC News show little reason for Biden to get into the race. Hillary Clinton appears to be widening her lead after a strong performance in the first Democratic debate.  

Jim Webb may drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination and run as an Independent. He holds a news conference today.

The WSJ/NBC polling also finds Ben Carson and Donald Trump continue to dominate on the GOP side. Jeb Bush and the rest of the field appear to be falling further behind. Here’s how reporter Janet Hook puts it in today’s paper, “The new poll, conducted Oct. 15-18, underscores the durability -- even the gathering strength -- of anti-Washington candidates who had long been viewed as likely to be flash-in-the-pan political phenomena.”

Marco Rubio also appears to be a growing choice of more establishment wing of the Republican party.

Rick Santorum is our guest today for #4Questions

The polls also find broad support for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

There’s also new polls by CNN/ORC also suggesting Trump and Carson are leading with a steep 11 point drop for Carly Fiorina.

Oscar Pistorius is out of jail. The former Olympic runner is serving the rest of his five year sentence under house arrest for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Paul Tilsley is live in South Africa for us.

Canada has a new Prime Minister. 43-year-old Justin Trudeau had a sweeping victory in national elections forcing out the conservative Stephen Harper who has been leading America’ neighbor for nine years. Justin Trudeau is the son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

The U.N. Secretary General headed to Mideast today to try and bring an end to a wave of terror attacks on Israelis. At least 50 have been killed.

Fighting continues to rage in Syria with air strikes by the Russians and Americans.

There are also apparently air strikes happening in Libya.

New research into the relationship between dogs and mankind. 15,000 years of history. And answers to where and when dogs became man's best friend. 

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