Flooding Danger in SC; Hillary Clinton Fights Back

The rescues continue at this hour in South Carolina.. inundated with record rainfall.. and flooding. Rain has tapered off, but new evacuations are possible. Several dams are threatened, and at least two gave way. At least 12 deaths in two states are being blamed on the severe weather. We’ve got team Fox coverage.
We’re also looking for updates on the El Faro cargo ship that went down in Hurricane Joaquin. The Coast Guard is still searching for 33 people who were on the ship. One body has been found. The ship apparently had plenty of lifeboats.
Lots of political news today. Hillary Clinton  releasing a new advertisement using Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s comments about the
Congressional Committee investigating the Benghazi terror attacks. McCarthy seemed to suggest the committee had targeted Clinton for political purposes. He’s walked back those comments, but Democrats have seized on them to accuse the GOP of politicizing a terror attack. Now Clinton releasing a new TV ad to that effect. Clinton is holding a community forum today in Davenport, Iowa at 1:15. We’ll monitor for news.  
So much for a quick and painless vote for a new Speaker of the House. There’s a significant leadership battle now underway in the House. We’ll get an update.
Marco Rubio rising in the polls. Today John Roberts unveils his in-depth piece on the candidate.
John Kasich has an event today in Washington DC at 11:30 we’ll monitor for news.
George Pataki has an event at Noon in New Hampshire we’ll be monitoring.  

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