Pope Francis addresses a Joint Meeting of Congress this morning as thousands of spectators cram the West Front lawn. During our show he’ll leave Capitol Hill via motorcade and head for St. Patrick’s Church. Late this afternoon the Pope heads to New York City for evening prayers at St Patrick’s Cathedral (newly remodeled.)

We have Fox team coverage and we’ll talk to Bret Baier about the pontiff’s message to Congress, and to Fox’s own John Moody who is also an expert on the papacy.

Also today, Jenna Lee goes in-depth into what it takes to prepare for a huge national security event like the Pope’s visit .. or the opening of the U.N.

New polling out today from Quinnipiac. The national poll shows Trump leads the GOP field with 25%, Carson gets 17%, Fiorina gets 12%, Jeb Bush gets 10%, and Rubio gets 9%. One cautionary note for Trump in the numbers 29% of GOP voters say they would definitely not support Trump.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton gets 43%, Sanders gets 25% and Biden gets 18% (he hasn’t officially entered the race). Interestingly, Biden polls best versus GOP candidates in a head to head matchup.

There’s also new Fox polls out today. They show Trump getting 26%, Carson gets 18%, Fiorina and Rubio at 9%. Huckabee and Cruz have lost 3% since the last Fox News polls were done.

There’s a big meeting on Syria today. Europe’s top diplomats meeting in Paris to discuss a new diplomatic push on Syria as Russian ramps up its support for the Assad dictatorship.

A stampede at the annual “hajj” pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia has left at least 450 dead.

A record number of refugees and illegal immigrants are flooding through Eastern Europe. Hungary said more than 10,000 entered its borders yesterday.

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