Experts work to save pair of melon-headed whales found struggling in waters near Gulfport

Marine experts in Mississippi are working around the clock as two whales, their species unseen in South Mississippi for 40 years, fight for survival.

Moby Solangi of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport says a fisherman Tuesday reported what he thought were two dead dolphins on the beach. Solangi tells The Sun Herald ( ) when rescue teams arrived, they discovered not only were they not dead, they were not dolphins.

Solangi says the mammals are two melon-headed whales, a species native to deep waters near Hawaii. He says the whales are in critical condition — severely dehydrated, disoriented and unable to swim on their own. One also is suffering from a shark bite.

The team won't know what is ailing the whales until blood tests are completed.


Information from: The Sun Herald,