Three firefighters were killed and another four injured while fighting fires in Washington state. 95 major fires are burning in 7 Western states. Thousands forced to evacuate, and more than a hundred homes have been destroyed. 4,000 have been forced to evacuate from the Twist, WA fire alone. The Oregon National Guard has been called out there. William La Jeunesse  reporting.

Lots of campaign events today.

Jeb Bush holding a town hall in Keene, New Hampshire. Rick Santorum has what’s being billed as a major immigration address at the National Press Club. Marco Rubio unveiling his economic and budget plans for the country at the Detroit Economic Club at 12:45.

We got an interesting look at two top GOP candidates yesterday when Jeb Bush and Donald Trump held dueling town halls in New Hampshire yesterday. Heather Haddon and Beth Reinhard writing in the Wall Street Journal, “The coinciding campaign events offered a uniquely split-screen perspective on the sprawling, volatile Republican primary contest. Mr. Bush, a former two-term governor of Florida, kin to two American presidents and policy wonk, is favored by many in the GOP establishment but hasn't ignited the conservative grass roots. Mr. Trump, a blustery reality-television star who has never held public office, is openly mocked by GOP leaders and mobbed by voters wherever he goes.”

The two men went on offense.. attacking each other. Jeb attacking Trump policies. Trump attacking the size of Jeb’s crowds.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to be dogged by the email controversy. Today there’s a 1pm status hearing in a Judicial Watch lawsuit over the emails.

There’s also new polling that ought to give Clinton’s campaign pause. The Quinnipiac polls show in head to head matchups with the top GOP field, VP Biden outperforms Hillary Clinton in three critical swing states.

The University of Virginia Center for Politics head Larry Sabato will join us to discuss whether or not Hillary Clinton's campaign is really in trouble. 

From today's Crystal Ball report, "Clinton could be brought down by facts about the emails we don’t know. Her secretive behavior has reinforced preexisting suspicions, as she’s reminded voters of the consistent scent of scandal that has hung around the Clintons ever since they arrived on the national scene. Like so many other Clinton scandals, this one might roll off their backs. Or it might be the one that sticks." 

Protests in St Louis overnight led to nine arrests. An 18-year-old black man was shot by police who say he pointed a gun at them after he tried to leave the scene of a possible drug bust.  

We get weekly jobless claims today. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Stocks are down. Oil prices collapsing. Another selloff in China overnight. We’ll keep an eye on the markets and your money.

Former President Jimmy Carter holding a news conference today in Atlanta to update the world on his cancer diagnosis. He’s expected to take questions and discuss his prognosis. Steve Harrigan reporting.

For the first time in five years, North and South Korea exchanged rocket and gun fire across their border.