New Fox polls out.

The GOP field is shifting after the first GOP debate held by FOX in Cleveland.

Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson have seen their polls numbers improve. Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Rand Paul have lost some ground. Donald Trump remains the front-runner.

Dana Blanton writes for “Who “won” the Republican debate?  The poll asked voters who did the best in the debate and who did the worst.  Among debate watchers, the highest “net” of those two performance scores (best minus worst) is Fiorina (+12 points), followed by Carson (+8), Kasich (+8) and Rubio (+7).Debate watchers give the lowest net scores to Trump (-13 points), Paul (-11) and Christie (-7). 

Bernie Sanders continues to gain ground against Hilary Clinton. She still leads him by 19 points though.


Despite Sanders rise, and the news that Vice President Joe Biden and even Al Gore may be considering a challenge, Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post says “forget it.” Cillizza writes, “The simple fact is that getting into a presidential race this late - and, yes, August before the election year is very late - has a disastrous recent history. Then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) entered the 2012 race in August 2011 and within three months had become irrelevant. Former senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee got into the 2008 Republican race late - and never went anywhere. Ditto Wes Clark in the 2004 Democratic nomination contest. What all of those failed candidacies have in common is that their best day - at least in terms of polling - was their first day. It was all downhill from there.”


Meanwhile the drip drip drip from the email controversy continues to escalate. As many as 60 emails that Hillary sent from her private email server may have been labeled as classified. That’s more than previously thought. Those emails may have been classified after they were sent however. Still the story continues to suck oxygen from the Hillary Clinton campaign, and may be behind the erosion of her trustworthiness poll numbers.


Donald Trump has jury duty today at 9am. He had an extensive interview with “Meet the Press” yesterday and expounded on his controversial immigration policies.


The politically important Iowa State Fair continues today. Scott Walker speaks during the 11am hour. Carly Fiorina speaks during the 1pm. We’ll monitor for news.


John Kasich has what his people are calling a major announcement today at 10am. We’ll let you know what that’s about.  


A suspected terrorists set to be arraigned today in a Buffalo, New York courtroom. David Lee Miller reporting. Arafat Nagi allegedly attempted to provide material support to ISIS terrorists.


A passenger jet carrying 54 people has crashed into a mountain in Indonesia. The plane was traveling in stormy weather over the mountains when it disappeared from radar. It’s one of many recent air disasters in Asia in the past few years and highlights safety issues there.


Meantime, two small planes crashed into each other in San Diego killing five people.  


Montana has declared a state of emergency as wildfires rage there and in other Western states including Washington, Idaho and Oregon. California continues to deal with several wildfires that have burned dozens of homes. One woman died as she prepared for evacuations in Idaho.

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