Anger-Fueled Politics & 2016

Lots of political news today.

We continue to digest the revelations about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. She has turned over the server and an associated thumb drive to the Justice Department. The FBI and the Justice Department are investigating how secure emails were handled. At least two of the emails have been labeled top secret.

Meantime new CNN polling out of Iowa has some good news for Hillary. She remains the front runner despite a rise in the numbers for Bernie Sanders. A separate poll had Sanders leading Clinton in the other key early battleground state of New Hampshire.

The Wall Street Journal looking into the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden jumping into the race for the White House. Peter Nicholas and Colleen McCain Nelson write, “Vice President Joe Biden is using part of his vacation in South Carolina this week to sound out friends and family about a presidential bid, as some Democrats press him to enter the race and give the party another option in the face of lingering controversies involving Hillary Clinton.”

Several presidential candidates are in Iowa at the famous Iowa State Fair which has become a key early testing ground for candidates to impress Iowa voters. Huckabee, Webb and O’Malley are speaking today, and most of the candidates will be there at some point during the week long events. Carl Cameron is in Des Moines.

We also have events today for Rand Paul this morning, and Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry and Ben Carson have events later today.

One of our favorites, Larry Sabato from the University of Virginia Center for Politics, will join us to discuss what he thinks of as the top tier Republicans including Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz  and John Kasich.

Interesting piece in the Washington Post today on the state of the presidential race. Philip Rucker writes, “The surging candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are fueled by people's anger with the status quo and desire for authenticity in political leaders. Across the ideological spectrum, candidates are gaining traction by separating themselves from the political and economic system that many everyday Americans view as rigged against them.”

It’s been a war of words with Rand Paul versus Donald Trump over the past 24 hours.

The New York Times has a good write up on the rise of Carly Fiorina.

Former President Jimmy Carter has announced he has cancer that has spread from his liver. We’ll discuss his prognosis and look back on the 90 year old’s remarkable life.

Ferguson was mostly quiet last night after days of protests that turned violent last weekend. A state of emergency expected to be lifted today.

We’re continuing our examination of climbing murder rates in big cities across the country today with an interview with the interim Baltimore police commissioner.

We’re continuing to follow the fires burning in the bone dry American West.

The head of the EPA traveled to Colorado to tour areas impacted by a massive leak of toxic water into rivers in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.  We’ll get an update.

We get weekly jobless numbers today, and more reports on sales from American retailers.

China devalued its currency AGAIN. It’s the third time this week, and so far the government has devalued the currency by a shocking 4.4%. It suggests the country’s economic troubles may be weaker than “official” forecasts suggest. That’s troubling for economies around the world.

There was also a massive explosion in a Chinese port city that left at least 44 dead. At least 12 firefighters are among the dead. A warehouse storing dangerous chemicals thought to be to blame.

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