Army panel urges honorable discharge for ex-Green Beret hero accused of killing Afghan bomber

An Army officer who was accused of tracking down and killing an unarmed bomb-making suspect in Afghanistan is being recommended for an honorable discharge even though a military panel that looked into the case determined his conduct was unbecoming an officer.

The military panel at Fort Bragg reached the finding Sunday concerning Maj. Matthew Golsteyn.

Army Special Forces Command spokeswoman Maj. Allison Aguilar said Monday if the decision is upheld by a review board Golsteyn would be discharged under honorable conditions allowing him to keep nearly all veteran's benefits.

Golestyn earlier was stripped of a heroism medal and his right to call himself a Green Beret.

The panel of officers spent six days reviewing testimony about Golsteyn's conduct while leading a team of Special Forces troops in Afghanistan in 2010.