We are awaiting a major decision by the U.S. Supreme Court again today. As several major U.S. cities prepare to host gay pride events this weekend, the court may today find a constitutional right to marriage for same sex couples. The decision will come either today or Monday. We’ve got analysis of this potentially historic day.

A ruling in favor of gay marriage would cap a long journey for equal rights for gays and lesbians in the United States that began more than 45 years ago with a violent clash with New York City police who had raided a gay bar in the West Village. 

The highest court handed the Obama Administration a big victory yesterday upholding subsidies for millions of Americans who get their health care coverage from federally-run health care exchanges. President Obama said The Affordable Care Act is here to stay, and said it was a good day for America “Let’s get back to work.” He also said the law was working even better than he thought it would.

Here’s how the Washington Post’s Robert Barnes put it today, “The decision for the second time defused a potential conflict between Obama and the Supreme Court over the sprawling government program that is likely to define the president's domestic legacy. Although more challenges are to come, an adverse ruling in this case could have been a mortal blow to the program, which continues to divide the nation and roil political conversation.”

Shares of health care companies surged after the news yesterday morning.

We’ll have analysis of what’s next for the Affordable Care Act, and what the political implications could be going forward.

Terror returns to France today.. with an Islamic State inspired attack on a factory in the southeastern part of the country near Lyon. We’ve got Fox team coverage. At least one person was reportedly beheaded. A severed head was placed on a fence. One attacker has been arrested. There are reports of more arrests. The main suspect may have been known to police.  

Secretary of State John Kerry travels to Vienna today for nuclear talks with Iran as a Tuesday “deadline” quickly approaches. Six world powers will be there, but recent moves by the Iranians cast doubt on how serious they are about a deal. Many analysts in the U.S. area also skeptical.

Tuesday is also the “deadline” for a bailout of Greece. That’s the day it will default if it doesn’t get a major bailout from the EU.

President Obama will deliver the eulogy at the funeral of murdered pastor (and state senator) Reverend Clementa Pinckney. He and 8 other African Americans were murdered in their church in Charleston last week. There were two other funerals yesterday. The ceremonies begin at 11am and we will be there live.

15 emails from or received by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state were missing from the records she turned over from her private emails.. and contradict her claims she’d turned over all relevant documents to the feds.  

A plane crashed while on a sightseeing trip in Alaska killing all nine aboard. Crews will work on recovering the bodies today.