White Cleveland police supervisors' 137-shot case may move to almost-all-black East Cleveland

A trial for five white Cleveland police supervisors accused of failing to control a car chase that ended in the deaths of two unarmed black people in a 137-shot barrage of police gunfire could move from Cleveland to an almost-all-black suburb.

The supervisors were charged in Cleveland with dereliction of duty following the November 2012 shootings in East Cleveland.

An assistant county prosecutor said during a pretrial hearing Thursday that East Cleveland officials are discussing filing against the supervisors the same misdemeanor charges for which they were indicted in Cleveland a year ago. Prosecutors say the old indictments then would be dismissed.

A white Cleveland patrolman was acquitted last month of voluntary manslaughter in the two deaths, sparking protests in the city.

Attorneys for two supervisors say it's unclear what county prosecutors are trying to do.