Amtrak resumed service across the Northeast corridor today less than a week after a deadly derailment left 8 dead and 200 injured. Payouts for lawsuits related to the crash could hit the $200 million limit put in place by Congress for a single crash. There’s new evidence that someone may have thrown or fired something at the train before the crash. The FBI is investigating that possibility as the engineer insists he doesn’t remember much of the crash. Two other trains were hit with objects about the same time as the crash. Apparently it’s a common occurrence on the tracks near Philadelphia.

Nine people are dead in a motorcycle gang shootout in Waco, Texas. 192 arrested after five rival gangs got into the bloody battle. Casey Stegall reporting for us today at the scene of the battle outside a popular restaurant called Twin Peaks.

ISIS has reportedly captured the important Iraqi city of Ramadi. It’s a huge blow to the Iraqi army. It comes after a daring raid inside Syria over the weekend that led to the death of a key ISIS leader inside Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry is blasting North Korea for a variety of issues today. He is visiting Seoul, South Korea and threatening the North with more sanctions for its belligerent behavior. Kerry is criticizing the North’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and submarine nukes, its “grotesque” executions, and its disregard of international laws.

Meantime, Kerry’s visit with the Chinese didn’t go so well. China is refusing to give ground on its aggressive new military maneuvering in the South China Sea. China has been building manmade military islands inside disputed maritime territories. We also learned this weekend that China has dramatically expanded its offensive nuclear weapons capabilities with multiple warhead nuclear weapons designed to outsmart U.S. anti-missile technology.

You’ll remember analysts say Kerry also got played on a trip to Russia last week.

Catherine Herridge reporting for us today on newly declassified documents related to the terror attack in Benghazi Libya that left four Americans dead.

President Obama is touring a tactical operations center in New Jersey this afternoon and meeting with youth and law enforcement. It comes as we learn the President will call for a ban on some military-type equipment being given to local police forces.

We’re following the candidates for 2016 across the country. Hillary Clinton travels to Iowa this week. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is giving a speech at Noon in New Hampshire. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former AR Governor Mike Huckabee and former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum are also in Iowa. Dr Ben Carson is in New Hampshire. Mike Emanuel is reporting today on former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.