Newspaper carrier’s call helps save elderly woman

This was a special delivery.

Newspaper carrier Douglas MacRae called New Jersey police Friday after noticing the porch light remained lit for several days at the home of one of his elderly customers.

And the New Jersey Herald papers he was delivering were beginning to pile up.

“I really think he saved her life.”

- Debbie Henley

According to the New Jersey Herald, police who responded for the wellness check eventually forced their way into the home and found Olive Blaison, 85, laying on the floor suffering from an apparent heart attack.

"She was there a couple of days,” said Stillwater resident Debbie Henley, Blaison's niece.

MacRae credited the Sparta police with rescuing Blaison. “All I did was I noticed there was a light on,” he told the paper.

"Let's be clear — I just told the police. That's where my part of the story ends," MacRae told "They're the ones who went over there. They saved her life."

But Blaison’s niece sees it differently.

Had MacRae not made the phone call, the soonest Blaison's condition would have been discovered was Saturday, when Henley would have taken Blaison to go shopping.

“Who knows what would have happened,” Henley speculated. “I really think he saved her life.”

Blaison is recovering at a local hospital and began physical therapy Monday. Henley expects her to be released from the hospital this week.