AP Exclusive: Family of wounded Sikh priest is sustained by his lifetime of preaching optimism

A Sikh priest who was wounded in a mass shooting in the Milwaukee area two years ago spent a lifetime preaching the Sikh principles of optimism and hope. His family says those same principles have sustained them during his slow recovery.

Punjab Singh suffered brain injuries in the 2012 Sikh temple shooting, which left six people dead and four others wounded. The 66-year-old still can't move or speak, but his family hasn't lost hope for recovery.

Raghuvinder Singh says his father taught him chardhi (CHAR'-dee) kala (kah-LAH'). The Sikh principle refers to a state of constant optimism, which reflects an acceptance of God's will. He says he respects his father's teaching and practices it.

Punjab Singh is in a nursing home in southeastern Wisconsin. Insurance has covered his medical bills.