Any search for the luckiest man in American might very well begin and end with Robert Hamilton of Indianapolis. 

On Wednesday, Indiana lottery officials announced that Hamilton won $1 million playing the "$120 Million Cash Spectacular Scratch-Off" game. Now here's the lucky part: Hamilton won the same amount of money, the top prize offered by the game, this past April. 

"The icing on the cake," Hamilton told as he claimed his winnings Wednesday. Hamilton bought his most recent winning ticket at an Indianapolis convenience store, but he purchased his lucky ducat from April in Jasonville in western Indiana while on his way to a conference. 

Hamilton said he planned to use his first prize to pay off all his financial obligations, purchase a home for him and his wife, take a beach vacation, buy a truck for his father and invest in his business. With the second $1 million, Hamilton said he plans to buy a motorcycle. 

"After he won the first time, I told him he could buy a motorcycle if he hit it again," Hamilton's wife Donna told

Hoosier Lottery officials say the odds of winning the game's top prize once are one in 2.1 million. 

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