A woman whose mother was found dead in the massive Washington state mudslide learned Thursday that the body of her 4-month-old daughter has also been recovered.

"Sanoah was just a happy little baby. I’m so glad that this didn’t happen to just my mom," the baby's mother, Natasha Huestis, told Fox affiliate KCPQ . "I’m so glad my mom has someone with her, and she loved that baby. She loved  her."

Huestis' baby and her mother, 45-year-old Christina Jefferds, were home together when the mudslide hit Oso, Wash., in Snohomish County Saturday morning, killing up to 17 people and leaving 90 others missing. 

For days, Natasha and her family have been digging through the mud and debris to try to find Jefferds and the baby. 

“You keep digging because that is your baby and that is what you do,” Huestis said.

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On Wednesday, crews discovered Jefferds remains. And Huestis was determined to find her baby, too.

“There was so much love, and we made sure that we told each other we loved each other all the time,” Huestis told the station. 

“My mom was such a strong person. I’m not, I’m not as strong as her, but I’m going to be,” she said. “I know that she would be here and she would say, ‘Tash, Tashy, just don’t give up.'"

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