Jersey City, New Jersey has launched a program that enables them to monitor any public official who uses a city vehicle as part of their job. reports that the city tracks the vehicles with the use of a smartphone app that has a GPS tracking system. The system is installed in every one of the vehicles and enables authorities to know where the vehicles are at all times. 

“We can track where they go, how long the ignition has been on for or off for, what the stops are, how long they’d been at each stop, so it creates another measure of accountability,” Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop told the station. 

The program, which is designed to cut down on employees joyriding and using vehicles after hours in the hope of saving the city money, is being paid for by a private company and the vehicle tracking data is being monitored by managers in the city's Public Works Division. 

Earlier this year, a Department of Public Works employee was caught using a city vehicle after hours to pick up a prostitute. 

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