Fight over speeding car ends with Virginia man shooting self in groin, police say

A man apparently speeding in Norfolk, Va., accidentally shot himself in the groin after he waved a firearm at bystanders who told him to slow down, police told 

Rhonney Jacobs was speeding through the neighborhood when he was flagged down by two men, Norfolk police said. He made a U-turn and confronted one of the men, police said.

There was a struggle and Jacobs pulled out his .45-caliber gun and it accidentally discharged into his groin, police said. One witness told that he pulled his gun out “trying to shoot one of them but he shot himself." She said there was blood everywhere.

There were children playing at the time and Zach Watson, one of the neighbors, told the station that he was just happy none of them were hurt.

Fox News' Edmund DeMarche contributed to this report