Georgia woman says state wanted her to prove her sex

A Georgia woman was asked to prove she's female after seeking to fix an incorrect birth certificate labeling her a male for the past 37 years, reported.

"She [the state worker] said I needed to go have a PAP exam, have a doctor write a note verifying you’re a woman, and bring it back -- notarized," Nakia Grimes, a mom in Clayton County, told the station.


Grimes told the station that she overlooked the misprint for all these years and seldom needed the document until she prepared to renew her Georgia driver's license.

Gender is a question Grimes -- a mother -- says she never imagined she'd have to answer, much less prove.

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The director of the state's Vital Records Services said what happened is not protocol, and she's looking into the incident. After looking up the birth certificate of Grimes' son, state records officials made the change and checked the correct box on her birth certificate, the report said.

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