Shorthanded Calif. police department asks mail carriers, garbage collectors to spot crime

A shorthanded California police department is turning to postal workers and garbage collectors to help them spot crime in their city.

CBS San Francisco reports the Antioch Police Department has launched a program called "We’re Looking Out For You" that aims to increase the number of individuals trained to recognize crime in the city of 105,000. 

The program provides U.S. Postal Service workers and employees of a local trash collecting company with training on how to identify criminal activity and a laminated copy of the department's phone numbers.

“It’s a huge resource multiplier for us,” Lt. T. Brooks of the Antioch Police Department told CBS San Francisco. “These are people who are actively engaged in the community and are actively participating in making Antioch a safer place.”

The department says they are not encouraging the members of the program to take crime into their own hands, but to alert authorities if they seem something unusual.

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