Who ya gonna call? Police arrest Ghostbuster nemesis after attack at Maine comic book store

Maine police used their own special weapon – an electric stun gun – to help catch a man who they say randomly attacked a Stormtrooper and Ghostbuster outside a store on Free Comic Book Day.

Portland Police Lt. Gary Hutcheson said Adam Barnes, 31, was intoxicated when he was arrested outside Coast City Comics on Saturday.

Owen Wood, who was dressed up as the Stormtrooper -- a popular Star Wars character – told the Portland Press Herald that at the time of the attack, people were stopping at the store with their children in superhero costumes.

Wood said when he was first grabbed from behind he thought it was a friend, until Barnes allegedly started choking him.

Hutcheson said Wood was thrown to the ground, while the person dressed as a Ghostbuster was punched. Barnes was arrested, jailed and charged with two counts of assault, a count of disorderly conduct and five counts of criminal threatening of police officers, the Portland Press Herald reports.

When police told Wood that Barnes was subdued, he said, “the force was with me.”

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