Judge's spelling error gives 12-year-old a second chance at county competition

How do you spell M-I-S-T-A-K-E?

A 12-year-old California girl was eliminated from a spelling bee after she spelled “Braille” correctly, but the word was spelled the wrong way on the judges’ sheet with one less “l”, KMPH reports.

"I didn't really want to say anything because when the word master tells you [you] spelled a word wrong, you don't really want to argue with him," said Sierra Shoemaker, who was participating in the Selma School District competition. "So, I was shocked I kind of just said 'what?' I looked around at the audience and half of them were looking at each other murmuring."

Shoemaker took home a second place trophy, but missed getting a spot in the upcoming Fresno County spelling bee, KMPH reports.

However, after school district officials realized their error, they pressed the county and got permission to let her represent the district in the contest.

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