Pennsylvania university ousts new president, refuses to offer reason

A Pennsylvania college has reportedly terminated its president of less than two years, stunning faculty and students who learned of the news while on spring break.

Arcadia University’s board of trustees voted on Friday to oust Carl "Tobey" Oxholm III without cause and have remained silent on their reasons, sources told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

University spokeswoman Laura Baldwin declined to comment on Oxholm's departure, characterizing it as a confidential issue between the board and the former Drexel University administrator.

The university announced that another administrator will step in as chief operating officer and assume the president's duties, but Baldwin declined to indicate whether it was a permanent selection.

Oxholm said in a statement that he did not know why his term had been ended. He said he was "surprised and disappointed" that he was not allowed to continue to lead the university and saddened that he was unable to say goodbye to students. He and his wife are no longer on campus.

"It was without cause, and those who conveyed the decision to me declined to give me any reason or explanation for the decision or the speed of its implementation," he said.

Arcadia, which enrolls roughly 4,000 undergraduate and graduate students, has a 55-acre campus in Glenside, Pa., and is known nationally for its study-abroad programs, the Inquirer reports.

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