Florida menorah vandalized with the words ‘You Killed Jesus’

A large menorah on display in Miami Beach was vandalized Sunday night with the words, "You Killed Jesus" written in black graffiti at the base of the religious symbol, reported.

The menorah is constructed of an assortment of seashells, because in part, the religious symbol was torn down three times during its first year in the public space. Sunday marked the 11th anniversary of the first time the menorah was vandalized.

"It had a history," Roger Abramson, the artist who created it, said.

Rabbi Zev Katz, of the Chabad House, who put up the menorah, said the vandalism will not weaken the Jewish community’s outreach in the area.

Hanukkah is a celebration of lights. Those in the Jewish faith remember how oil that was supposed to last for one day lasted for eight.

"We're not going to be discouraged, we're gonna keep on going," Katz said. "And when people try to stop us, we're gonna say, 'not only are you not gonna stop us, but we're gonna go over and, on top, and do more."'

The damaged shells on the menorah have since been replaced and police continue to look for the culprit.

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